About Me

Hi and Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Alya and I started AlyaBuzz as a way to exercise my creative muscles and connect with like-minded Awesome people who love to live life to the fullest.  I live in Center City Philadelphia with my husband and our almost 10 year old son who is the center of our world.  I was born in Russia, immigrated to America at the age of 9 and grew up in the burbs of Baltimore.  As soon as I could, I moved to NY and fell in love with city living and everything that comes with it.  From the couture & culture to the cuisine & cocktails, I find it all exciting & exhilarating which is why we’ve chosen to stay and raise a “city kid” who one day, will grow up to do amazing things.

Now, with our son right there beside us, we continue to travel to foreign countries, experiment with new & exotic foods and have made it a priority to expose him to everything the world has to offer.  I’m often asked how and why we do this and all I can say is, how can we not!?

What started as a Fashion Blog has grown into a Lifestyle Blog where I curate and share my life’s passions for Family, Travel, Fashion, Design, Food & Fun.

I hope you enjoy reading AlyaBuzz as much as I love writing it and I welcome you to please follow, share and connect with me here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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